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Q: Is there a click to move action in Game Maker?
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What is the move to mouse click code for Game Maker?

There is no code for that, you'll have to make something else. sorry

How make self move in game maker?

Click on 'Add Event, and then click on 'Keyboard' in the bottom left corner. there should be a list of options. Go to the top and click on '<Left>'. It should appear in the 'Events' column. Click on it. Then on the side tabs, click on 'Move' (it is at the top of them all). Drag the 'Move Fixed' which is the red arrows shooting out in all directions. Drop it into the 'Actions' column. Then click on the left arrow and decide how fast you want the sprite to move. I recomend 5 but it depends on the game you are creating. Do not tick the 'Relative' box. Now do the same for the other directions.

How do you make a sprite shoot in game maker 7?

A sprite cannot do anything. If you meant "How do you make anobject shoot in game maker 7?" then it's easy.Create an object for your bullet and give it a sprite. Then in the object you want to shoot the bullet add a "create instance with motion" actionwith the bullet specified.Alternatively you could use a "create instance" action and then add an on creation, "move" action to the bullet.

How do you make an object fly in game maker 7?

Have it move without gravity keeping it on the ground.

How do you make game maker ememeys spawn and move?

You have to get a clone script for them to spawn and then do the tutuorial for the moving part

How do you make a object move towards another using Game Maker?

in code:move_towards_point(object.x,object.y,speed)

How do you make a moving picture in game maker?

For the sprite that you want to move double click it and then edit sprite, go to the toolbar at the top and choose edit. Then go down to add empty. Or you can choose animation and pick a preset animation sequence.

What are game sprites?

Game sprites are basically picture used in 2D games or animations you put 1 picture then next and then next and the character well move you need an programme to make the animations i use windows movie maker and to make a game game maker go and try it

What is a move modifier for Pokemon White?

first to get the move modifier u must have action replay and then u can get any move in the game

How do you make an obj follow the mouse until you press a button in game maker?

make a variable true until you press the button. in step event for the object use a move twards point action and set "x" to "mouse_x" and "y" to "mouse_y"

How can you move something on CityVille game?

Look in the bottom right hand corner, you should see an arrow. Click on that arrow and several options will show up, click on the move button and then select an object you want to move and it should move :)

How do you get past the boss encounter on the game button hunt 2?

you move the block then left click go to the button then unclick the left click click on the button