Is there a cheat for urban rivals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As former Admins of Urban Rivals, we are here to give back to the UR community what's rightfully yours. If you only knew how easy it is to make new cards. Well, if there's a card you have always wanted to have and couldn't, here's your chance to. Send your request to in the format



card of the day:_____

Do take note, we will only provide one card to one user per day. Also, do not write in for CRs as that would create a complication in the UR community. Normal cards only please people..

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Q: Is there a cheat for urban rivals?
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What is urban rivals address on cheat engine?

urban rivals address on cheat engine is a big potato with laser.

Can you have a good urban-rivals account?

Stupid liars..... there is no cheat code. period.

How do you cheat on urban rivals without a new account?

There are no cheats anyway. all scams. just play

Where you can get millions of clintz and credits in Urban Rivals?

there is a working cheat on uberhackz team's website... google it "uberhackz"

Are there any laif cheats for Urban Rivals on PC?

Yes. There is only 1 cheat in the whole Urban Rivals game! Sponsor ID:Death_blade98 Password:xtencredits Lets say if you buy 100 credits, it gives you 1000 credits!

What does sponsor mean on urban rivals?

What sponsor means on urban rivals is that you have to pay him/her $100,000.

How do you cheat on urban rivals?

Unfortunately you need to create a new account Enter the following information down at the bottom Sponsor: noahg330 Code: ygow You get 50 free credits! This works because that is an administration code used to help Urban Rivals employees.

Wie bekomme ich kostenlose Credits bei Urban rivals?

Translation: How do I get free credits on Urban Rivals?

How does one play the game Urban Rivals?

Explaining the rules of the game Urban Rivals could take a while. It is a card game where one must do missions and battles. For more info one could check their website 'Urban-Rivals'.

How do you get every card in urban-rivals?

you buy them.

What are codes to get credits in urban rivals?


Are there games like urban rivals?

no, there is no better game that is quite as identical to urban rivals the only game that i could suggest that is the best game online is runescape