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there isn't a code to do that, but there is a code to mak your Pokemon learn any TM, but i don't know that. ther is also a TM modifier, but again i don't know that. is a great place for action replay codes!!

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Q: Is there a action replay code for Pokemon Diamond that lets your Pokemon learn more that four moves?
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Any Pokemon can learn any move on Pokemon diamond with action replay?

No, the action replay doesn't do that. You can only get Money and Item cheats from it.

What is the Pokemon diamond action replay code any Pokemon can learn any TM?

that code should be on already..........

How do you get Charmander to learn beat up in Pokemon Diamond?

go to and choose action replay codes for Pokemon diamond i think you'll find the cheat.

Does anyone know the action replay code for a Weedle on Pokemon diamond?

yea on ur action replay go to the codes or download a Pokemon modifier and learn how to use it................ (its just a crappy weedle you can get a weedle with roar of time too) >.>

Is there a cheat for Pokemon diamond that will let your Pokemon be able to learn more moves than four?

I have an action replay, but I've never come across a code like that.

What is the Action Replay code to make all Pokemon learn any move in Pokemon Diamond?

The Action Replay code to allow every Pokemon to learn any move is: 02068590 00D400D4 02068594 00D400D4 0206862C E0044D00 02068630 FFFFFFFF Although you should note that you can only teach your Pokemon Move Tutor moves and TMs or HMs since Pokemon do not have the capacity to learn every move whilst they are levelling up.

An action replay code for Pokemon diamond for Pokemon to learn every move?

i don't do action replay codes, but i DO know how to make a Pokemon learn any move (not all at once, only 4 at a time). there is an action replay game card you can get at Argos (UK), costs about £12. my cousin has it an it doesnt mess up your game. my sister used it on her poemon sceptile and it knows a fire move, an ice move, an electric move and a grass move. sweet!

Can a Pokemon that learn attacks from the action replay go on the wireless connection on Pokemon BR and at the gts?

yes it can

What is the action replay code for Pokemon to learn any TMHM on Pokemon platinum?

if u still dont know then just go to codejunkies its codes for every game on action replay

Where can I learn ALL the action replay codes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

It is posssible to make them up if you risk your game. Or jump online at replace diamond with pearl if you want its codes.

How to get mew two without action replay or trading in pokemon platnium?

If you don't want to use action replay or trade then you cannot get it unless there is a pokemon event giveaway (which there is only for Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2 nowadays) so, sorry you just cant get it without trading or by using action replay. UNLESS you migrate (which is not trading) from fire red or leaf green if you want to learn how to migrate look up how to get regirock on pokemon diamond on Wiki answers. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

Is there action replay code for Pokemon pearl for any Pokemon to learn the move volt tackle and if there is what is the code?

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