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a wynaut or wobbuffet have an ability and how you catch one is you try running away with a strong Pokemon (eg. a level 100) and see if it says that you cannot run away because of wynaut/wobbuffets ability ________

if its that lucky one switch to a weaker Pokemon that's one or more moves are not very efective agains the phychic Pokemon (eg have a fighting move)

you will slowly hurt it and maby have a Pokemon that learns either thunder wave or dragon breath because the moer will make it more of a chance to catch it

you will have one either import (if to platinum, diamond and/or pearl) and rcive to catch fleeing Pokemon or catch in gba and catch latias or latios with it.

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Q: Is there a Pokemon that has an effect which stops Pokemon from running away?
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On what move can not make Mesprit fly away?

mean look stops any Pokemon from running away.

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What Pokemon stops wild Pokemon run away in Pokemon fire red?

Mean Look will keep them from running away. There are some abilities that help too, like Arena Trap.

How do you prevent Pokemon from running away?

use mean look for not leting them run away, ghost Pokemon could learn it

Does Wobbuffet have a ability of making a Pokemon not run away?

Yes he/she does it's called shadow tag it prevents Pokemon from running away but ONLY wild Pokemon. Not a trainer battle

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What pokeball do you need to catch a Abra?

Any pokeball will do it. The trick is to use a move that stops it from running away and then you can catch it!

How do you find the team galactic guy who keeps running away in Pokemon pearl?

you have to keep following him

Which lake is mesprit at?

Mesprit is at Lake Verity but when you talk to it it runs away... You have to use your Marking Map Poketch thing, which is number 13. If you don't catch it straight away it runs and so I was advised to use a Pokemon that has a move that keeps it from running away. I'm still trying to catch it because I don't have a Pokemon with a move that stops it from running away -.- They said something like Golbat would work. To find Mesprit you just have to go to a town like Sandgem or something and keep going in and out until The mark on the map is in your route. Then just try to find the patch of grass that Mesprit is in... Hope I helped!

How do you make a legadary dog on Pokemon LeafGreen stop fleeing?

You either capture it, or using a Pokemon like haunter use mean look to stop it from running away.

How do you get to catch raikou without a master ball?

get a high level Pokemon that can use mean look ,mean look keeps a Pokemon form running away or flieing.