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The action replay codes for Kai are as follows: Kai Affection/Friend223BF434 000000FF123BF438 0000FFFF. There are no max affection codes for the game, but you can use these to speed up the affection.

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Q: Is there a Action Replay code to get Kai to have max affection for you on Harvest Moon DS Cute Please I really like him and want to marry him?
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What cheats can you do with an action replay and harvest moon cute?

In the game, "Harvest Moon Cute," there is an action replay called "Greys Love Affection Maxed. The cheat code for this is 223BF4D4 000000FF.

Is there and action replay code for Harvest Moon DS to make Witch Princess' heart red?

you could only get it if you get the "max affection" cheat code

Where can you find an Action Replay code for unlocking all the harvest sprites for Harvest Moon DS Cute?

you can find an action replay code at code junkies or :type "action replay codes for harvest moon ds cute

If you have an Action Replay card with a code for max affection for all villagers how do you get married on Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

usally in harvest moon games you need a blue feather to get married

What is the action replay code in harvest Moon DS cute for your child to have max affection?

Just show them the dog 255ish times Its a really simple way of maxing everyones friend points

How do you enter cheat codes in harvest moon island of happiness?

By putting the codes into an Action Replay for DS

What is the game ID for Harvest Moon DS for action replay?


Action replay codes for harvest moon ds cute?


Harvest moon ds Action replay codes?


How do you get all 101 sprites on Harvest Moon DS?

you have to have an action replay and then you get 96 of them

Are there action replay codes for harvest moon more friends of mineral town?

Yes, there are action replay codes for this game. I suggest going to It has tons of cheats.

If you use the Harvest Sprite cheat code to get all the harvest sprites using action replay and save the harvest goddess can you get married?

Yes!!!I already did that.But try and use power savers.It works better.But if you have action replay then just use that but save OFTEN!!!It can freeze your DS.