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Q: Harvest moon ds Action replay codes?
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How do you enter cheat codes in harvest moon island of happiness?

By putting the codes into an Action Replay for DS

Where can you find an Action Replay code for unlocking all the harvest sprites for Harvest Moon DS Cute?

you can find an action replay code at code junkies or :type "action replay codes for harvest moon ds cute

Action replay codes for harvest moon ds cute?


Are there any cheat codes for harvest moon ds?

if you have an action replay there are cheat codes for it

Where can you get action replay codes for harvest moon frantic farming?

They have a few codes on! Check it out! --LadySchala

How do you enter codes on harvest moon ds cute?

You have to buy an Action Replay card.

Are there action replay codes for harvest moon more friends of mineral town?

Yes, there are action replay codes for this game. I suggest going to It has tons of cheats.

Where are some harvest moon DS action replay codes for game ABCE-E73DAE48? these are codes for harvest moon DS Also the action replay site is buggy( youll never find HM codes on the AR website) you can find most DS codes at that website (also i believe those codes work in the action replay)

Action replay harvest moon ds?

Go to for action replay codes, as it is the official AR website. These codes are the only ones which are guaranteed not to mess up your save file.Hope i was of help!:)

Is there anyway to add codes to Harvest Moon Island of Happiness ds without using action replay or anything you have to buy?


Harvest moon ds cute action replay codes to unlock mineral towners?

there is no cheat for that because you need it in a real ds

What cheats can you do with an action replay and harvest moon cute?

In the game, "Harvest Moon Cute," there is an action replay called "Greys Love Affection Maxed. The cheat code for this is 223BF4D4 000000FF.