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Q: Is there a 4 player battle mode in marvel Ultimate Alliance?
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How do you get marvel Ultimate Alliance on two players?

well you start the game the same way you do in one player and when the game starts have player 2 press start. P.S. Have fun!

What are Marvel mods?

Marvel mods are modifications or alterations made to video games or software related to Marvel Comics characters and stories. These mods can add new characters, costumes, abilities, or storylines into the game to enhance the player's experience.

How do you 2player in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

First turn your second controller on.(while player 1 is already on) Next you press start on player 1. Go down to players. Then go down to player two and press X. Then your ready to go.

Is Marvel Avengers Battle for earth a two player game?

no it is not/yes it is!

Is Ultimate Alliance 2 two player?

Yes. it can also have up to 4 players.

How many players is Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3?

It is a single player game that can be played online with multiplayers

How do you play arcade mode on marvel Ultimate Alliance?

you have to turn on player 2's controller in the pause menu. then it'll ask if you want to play in arcade or cooperative mode.

Can one person play marvel superhero squad battle mode where it can be one player vs the computer or does it have to be 2 players?

you can use both to play

Is naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 a 2 player story mode?

No. The only multiplayer options you have is for Free Battle.

How do you unlock ms marvel in super hero squad?

For Campaign, some missions include here for the second player. Just select her. I don't know about Battle.

How do you unlock magneto from marvel Super Hero Squad?

In Marvel Super Hero Squad, Magneto can be unlocked by completing the "Mutant Mayhem" level. The player must defeat Magneto in a boss battle to unlock him as a playable character.

What should you get Pokemon Platinum or Ultimate Ninja 4?

Pokemon platinum because you can do lots of thing and get a cool giratina and can battle all over world. naruto ultimate ninja 4 don't because it is bore , you cant battle all the world , jjust the player very near you.