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No, Super Smash Bros Melee is only for the Nintendo GameCube.

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Q: Is there Super Smash Bros Melee for dsi?
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Is Super Smash Bros. melee on the DSI?

No, it is not.

Will there be a Smash Bros DS?

No Because the dsi is coming so if theyare going to make another super smash bros brawl it would probably be on dsi or a future console.

Was there ever a Super Smash Bros. Game for DS?

Yes and No. There is only one for the 3DS. If you get homebrew on your DS/DSi, you can get Super Smash Bros. Clash.

What is Super Smash Bros. homebrew?

super smash bros homebrew is a created version of the super smash bros series for the ds or dsi or someting, it needs to be on a special card to work on the dsi i havent played it yet however i have watched videos of it online and it let me be the first to say this will ruin your ds firmwire and is extremely slow dont bother ruining your ds/dsi system just wait until there is one for the 3ds if you have one if not buy one soon and get the game its unrealised on the 3ds but i bet it will be on there

Does Super Mario Bros on dsi have a world 9?

no but on wii yes

Is there going to be another smash bros after smash bros brawl?

Its not made official but at some interview the creator of brawl said there probably not going to make another super smash bros only because he thinks he put everything he could into brawl. but also they might because before brawl even came out he said there is going to be one more. so i think there not going to because of the recent interview he had (above ) I think if they were going to make one it would be a mobile brawl maybe for ds/dsi. because in the interview he said maybe a mobile super smash bros.

Will there be new Super Mario Bros 2 in ds?

It is for 3DS, not DS or DSi.

How can you put Super Smash Flash on DS?

what u have to do is do ds downlaod or get a Nintendo dsi

How do you get Mario to roll in new super Mario bros for dsi?

Apparently you cannot. You can wall jump though. Also, New Super Mario Bros. isn't just specifically for the Nintendo DSi; it's also for the Nintendo DS too.

How get the last coin on world 5 level c on super Mario bros Nintendo dsi?

There hasn't been a Super Mario Bros. title exclusively to the DSi because all of the Ds systems are the same, they all play the same games, nothing is different.

How do you turn Mario into Luigi on new super Mario bros for the DSi?

you can't unless you playing 2 player

Where is Pedro in the boy's life contest?

right now there is a chans to win a dsi and i relly want it so if you findit please tell me. go 2 games and then click on game guru q and a. then click on super smash bros. brawl and u will find it