Is their a pandemic 3 game?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is their a pandemic 3 game?
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When will the Pandemic 3 game come?

They are making one, and it should be released verysoon

When is pandemic 3 game coming out?

its coming out in 89638968598346589678963985763868976893465895 centuries and 4 yeptaseconds im sure this helps

What is the game on Mr.Gober where you make a disease?

Pandemic 2

What is the game Pandemic 2 like?

The game Pandemic 2 is a game where you are a virus and you can build off of your self to try to kill the Human Race. It's really fun, but hard to describe. You just have to play it...

On what platforms were Pandemic 2 released on?

Pandemic 2 is a game that involves disease, virus mutation, bacteria, and parasites. The game can be played on computers on various sites such as Crazy Monkey Games.

When will mercs 3 come out?

Pandemic Studios went under last year (2009) so the release of the game is unlikely. This especially likely considering the somewhat mediocre reviews of the second game.

Is Pandemic 2 a good game?

fuuuck yeuh. so fun.

Is there a game called splitter 1 i can only find splitter 2?

Most likely yes, odds are the original no longer exists if Splitter 2 is an updated version of it, or the first game is on the tenth thousand search page under a diffrent language. Ask yourself this, If I can find Pandemic 3 can I find Pandemic 1...and do I care to play 1 when 3 is the newest version.

When is battlefront 3 coming out?

Nobody really knows but what's happening right now but Free Radical started on it then they went out of business or something like that and now Battlefront 3 is said to be going back to Pandemic Studios but Pandemic Studios says that Battlefront 3 isn't in their hands but we will just have to wait a while and see what the fate of the game

Is there such thing as Star Wars battlefront 3?

No there isn't going to be a star wars battlefront 3 it is made by Pandemic and Pandemic went bankrupt and no longer exists

How many starting choices can you be in pandemic 2?


Is there going to be a mercenaries 3?

Sorry. i dont think so. Pandemic shutted down 2 years ago