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Q: Is the word workforce together or separate?
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What is a word meaning together but separate?

Grouped, or a set.

Is down town a separate word?

No. It is joined together and spelt Downtown!!! :)

Is dived a word?

Diving does not consist of two separate words together, so it is not a compound word.

Is participate a compound word?

No it is not. It does not consist of two separate words brought together to form it.

Is companies a compound word?

No. A compound word contains two separate words joined together to make one word. For example: copyright, homebound, healthcare.

Why do you spell separate all together and all together you spell separate?


What is the scientific word for breaking down?

It is analysis, as opposed to synthesis - which is putting together.

Is waterfall together or separate?


What is the anatonym for together?


Is the atmosphere a part of the lithosphere or is it separate?

it's separate and not together so it would be a separate layer

A 5 letter word to describe separate?

A 5 letter word for separate is split.

What does the term contingent workforce refer to?

The term contingent workforce refers to a group of workers in a workplace working together to help get each other's jobs done faster and better, while continuing to also improve the company.