Is the wii the worst game console?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well you could'nt say that it's the worst console ever because different people have different opinions

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Q: Is the wii the worst game console?
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Does the game Wii Sports come with every Wii console?

No, the game Wii-Play comes with the Wii console.

Is a Wii a game console or what?

A Wii is a game console made by Nintendo and by moving the remote it does actions on the T.V.

What is the worst game on the Wii?

Wii Play

What is Nintendo Wii for?

it is a game console

Is you buy a Wii console from GAME do you get a Wii remote with it?

Yes, you do.

How do you install virtual console on Wii?

there is no installation in the virtual console. to purchase a wii virtual console game, you will need a wii points card. then go to the wii shop channel click redeem wii points card, then tap in the code. then click on virtual console, select a game. select buy, it will download the game, then it will appear on your wii menu! hope this helps ;)

What was the first Wii game?

The first Wii game wasWii Sports witch comes with the game console.

Can you play a Wii game on a Wii U?

No, the Wii U console is region locked.

What comes with the Wii unit?

the wii console brings with it the wii sport's game the console it's self of course sensor bar wii mote the nunchuck.

Can American Wii games work with a Japanese Wii console?

Nintendo Wii Game Discs bought in the USA, will not workon a Japanese Wii.----You will have to modify a console for this to happen.If you modify a Nintendo Wii to do this, you will void your warranty on the console.----

Do you have to have a Wii console to use the Wii Fit balance board?

Yes, you have to have a console with a game that supports the balance board, if you buy the original Nintendo wii fit you'll get the game and the board

Can you play an Australian Wii game on an English Wii console?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked.