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No it won't . The Wii is region-locked. Sorry.

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Q: Does an American Wii game work on a European Wii console?
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Will American 3DS games work in an Irish Nintendo 3DS console?

No, the 3DS is region locked, a US game will not work on a European console.

Will a European Wii game work on an English Wii console?

Yes, European Wii games are able to be played on a English wii console as England is European. but American and Japan wii games will not work on a European wii or English.

Can American bought game work on European ds console?

DS consoles are not region locked, a US game will work on them just fine.

American ds games work on european ds?

American DS games will work on an European DS. The original Nintendo DS handheld game console was available between 2004 and 2007.

Does an European game work on a US Wii console?

maybe if it is for wii try it.

Does a European Wii game work on the thai Wii console?

yes, it will no matter what.

Will halo reach from America work on your European xbox?

The game and console have to be from the same region to be compatible.

Will American PSP games work on a European PSP console?

Yes. The games are region free, it doesn't matter where the game or the console comes from. PSP movies however are different, they are region locked, so read the case carefully when buying.

Will canadian ps3 games work on a european console?


Does an American Wii game work on an Australian Wii console?

No, there format is completely different Happy Gaming

If i was to buy a Super Nintendo game from the UK can i play it on an Australian Super Nintendo console?

if the game and console are PAL it should be alright and i think the UK and Australia are both PAL regions so it will probably work

Can you play a US Wii game on your Australian Wii console?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked so North American games will not work on an Australian console