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It will work on an American xbox

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Q: Will Japanese Xbox 360 games work on an American Xbox 360 console or does it require a Japanese Xbox 360 console?
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Can American Wii games work with a Japanese Wii console?

Nintendo Wii Game Discs bought in the USA, will not workon a Japanese Wii.----You will have to modify a console for this to happen.If you modify a Nintendo Wii to do this, you will void your warranty on the console.----

Can you play American PS2 games on a European PS2 console?

your console can play NZ, AUS and UK but NOT American... i found this out when i bought American games you need a NTSC console or an American console or a mod chip to do this if you dont have one of those you cant play American games

Does and American version of Oblivion work on a Japanese Xbox 360?

No, the Xbox 360 has a region lockout. Only games from the region specific to the console will work.

Can English Wii games be played on Japanese bought Wii?

No. Wii consoles are locked by region and can only play games bought in the same region as the console. Games from the US and Europe cannot legally be played on a Japanese console.

Can you play Xbox 360 games European version on an American Xbox 360 console?

yes but you cant play American games on a euro console ive tried

Can you play Xbox 360 games AMerican version on a Japanese Xbox 360 console?

No you cannot, this is because an American game uses a file structure known as NTSC. A Japanese console uses the game file structure known as JPN. This is two completely different types of games. So to answer your question, no you can't. Also if you look at the spine of your xbox game it will show in Japan JPN, and in America it will show NTSC.

How can you get English PS2 games to play on your Japanese PS2 console?

How can you get your US PS2 console to play japanese PS2 games?

They are a different region and Pal

Can American super nintendos play Japanese games?

If it is a Japanese Gamecube, then do you think it can play Japanese Gamecube games?

Can a Japanese Game Boy color play American Game Boy color games?

Most consoles are locked into different regions and an American console would not work on a Japanese console. However, an oversight from Nintendo allows an American gameboy to work with Japanese games. Yes.

Can you play American PS3 games with a French PS3 console?

Yes if you have the American version of the game.

Can I play a Japanese Nintendo DS game on UK console?

i tried it and i cannot play Japanese games, im still looking for a solution.