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Yeah you could get it from roark oh yeah shuhel is very stupid

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Q: Is the rock gym in boulder on make it or break it a real gym?
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Is the Rock from Make it or break it real?

someone else will answer it

Is a smooth boulder considered a rock?

Sure, a boulder is a large rock.

What has the author Rock Boulder written?

Rock Boulder has written: 'Generic literature'

Is the rock a real gym in Colorado?

No. It is just a gym for a TV show called Make It Or Break It.

Is little rock smaller than a boulder?

Figuring you mean the landmark, no little rock is bigger

What need to do to break the rock in rustroboro cave?

I'm guessing you would need the HM Rock Smash to smash rocks. If it's a boulder you would need the HM Strength. :)

What Colorado's city name could be defined as a large rock?

The city of Boulder is located in Colorado and is also a word to describe a large rock. Boulder is located 29 miles from Denver.

What is the maening of Boulder?

Boulder is the name of a city in Colorado, USA. Also, a boulder is a VERY large rock.

What is a synonym for boulder?

bedrock, rock

Is jagged Boulder a rock?

Yes, it is

Is a smooth boulder a rock?

Yes, it is.

What did the girl rock say to the boy rock?

"Be a little boulder."