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In the game Pokemon Pearl, the HM move Rock Smash is required in order to break the boulders in Mt Coronet. To fully explore the mountain, a players needs Pokemon that know Rock Smash, Strength, Rock Climb, Defog, Surf, and Waterfall.

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Q: How do you break a boulder in Pokemon Pearl in Mt Coronet?
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What is TM 31 in Pokemon pearl?

brick break

Where can you get brick break Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Oreburgh Gate

How do you brake light screen in Pokemon pearl?

Use the move brick break.

How do you break the ancient painting in Pokemon Pearl?

A person comes to the ancient painting with a hammer and smashes it.

How do you get past the Ranger Mission to find out what is the strange noise in the Marine Cave?

when you find the machine, go upward into the cave, the machine does not affect the Pokemon in that part of the cave, go left, then right, and up, you will see a big boulder blocking another part of the cave, find squirtle, his ability will the geodude on the other side capture the Pokemon and break the boulder you will then find a gastrodon use soak on the machine and it will break.

How do you get past snowpoint city gym in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

u gota break snoballs and get to the front and get speed

Describe the forces that break boulders?

what can break a boulder ? what can break a boulder you need tools like sledge hammer coreded hammer drill and more by raquel clemente from koa elementary school 4th grade ms.walkers class

How do you destroy the snowballs in the 7th gym in Pokemon pearl?

you have to walk "slide" to different parts of the wall and use your momentum to break them by sliing as fast and hard as you can

What kind of move do you use if there is a painting blocking a cave f a game of Pokemon?

If you are talking about the cave painting in Mt. Coronet, you cannot break it down. Team Galactic will take care of that after you defeat them in their HQ: Veilstone City.

How do you touch the statue in the masion in Pokemon pearl?

the guard leaves for a cofee break between the times of 2:00 and 6:00 in military time. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lie

How do you get a guy to break the ancient paint coronet in pearl version?

You have to have beaten Cyrus at the Team Galactic place in Veilstone City. Then once you are done you must go to mount corenet and battle various GAlactic members. HAve you? Well if you did then you have a bug in your game. Sorry I hope this helps

What is a action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

they break the action replay so u can use it on diamond and pearl but if u put it on platinum it will break and wont work on anything....SO DONT USE ACTION REPLAY ON PLATINUM