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No, there is no real card of this name, either in English or Japanese. Even in the anime/manga, it was not represented as a real card.

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Q: Is the creator of light Yu-Gi-Oh card real?
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Is the yugioh card the creator of light horakhti real?

No, but there is a card similar called "Armytile the chaos phantom"

What is the effect of the creator god of light horakhty yugioh card?

The Creator God of Light, Horakthy is not an official Yu-Gi-Oh! card produced by Konami. Therefore, the answer to this question cannot be determined. Also, in the Original Anime, there was no real distinguishable effect besides being able to defeat Zorc Necrophades which is not a real card itself.

Where to buy creator of light Yu-Gi-Oh card?

There is no such card as Horahkti - Creator of Light, it wasn't even a real card in the anime.

Is hand control a real card in yugioh?

There is no real card such as Hand Control, it was an anime-only card.

Is creator of light horakhti in the booster pack phantom of darkness?

No, it is not a real card, not even in Japan.

Is daibound kernel form yugioh a real tcg and ocg card?

No, it is not a real card in either the TCG or OCG.

Is the Yu Gi Oh card creator of light real?

Yes, The Creator of Light - Horakhty is a real card. There are only 10,000 copies in existence, and all of them are in Japanese; they were given away as part of a Gift Campaign. It is unknown as of yet if it will be released again, and/or in other languages.

Does the Yugioh card of last will and zombies jewel exist in the real game?

card of last will is real but zombie's jewel is a anime-only card

Does the card power balance form Yugioh exist in real life?

Currently, there is not.

Is The Creator God of Light Horakhty the most powerful card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, there is no legit card to represent Horakhty. Even on the show, she was represented as a 'real' monster and not a card, so there are no authentic rules or card for her, not even in Japan, the anime or the manga.

What are the dimensions of a Yu-Gi-Oh card in pixels?

A real-life size for a Yugioh card is 221 × 324 pixels

Is orichalcos gigas a real yugioh card in the tcg?

No, he isn't released yet or will never be released.