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Sorry, but it isn't. If you were really desperate for one you could find it in Fire Red or Leaf Green (They're common in the Dilford Chamber, Liptoo Chamber, Monean Chamber, Rixy Chamber, Scufib Chamber, Viapolis Chamber and the Weepth Chamber). Then when you have caught it in that game you can trade it to your Emerald game.

BE WARNED: By trading a Pokemon from a separate game, it will add the whole pokedex, (as there is a different pokedex for each generation of game) so you will have tons of empty spaces on your Emerald game that you can only fill through trades. My advise: Don't bother, just go without on your emerald game and keep it in a Fire Red/Leaf Green game if you have one.

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Q: Is the Pokemon unknown in Pokemon emerald if so where is it?
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Where can you get an unknown Pokemon in emerald?


How do you get unown in Pokemon emerald?

Unknown are unavailable in Emerald. You must trade them from another game.

Where can you find the Pokemon unknown in Pokemon emerald?

you carnt without cheating our hacking/codes

Where can you find the Pokémon unknown in Pokémon Sapphire?

You can't the unknown Pokemon are from the gold, silver and crystal games they are not in sapphire, ruby or emerald. :)

How to catch Cressilia in Pokemon Emerald?

Cressilia is a 4th generation Pokemon so you can't catch it in Pokemon Emerald.

How does aipom evolve in Pokemon emerald?

aipom's evole is a Pokemon from the next generation after emerald so its impossible to receive him.

Where is growlith on Pokemon emerald?

In tall GrassYou can't get growlithe in emerald so trade one from firered or Pokemon xd.

How do you catch all the unknown for Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade them from fire red AND leaf green cuz you can't catch them all on either one. You also can't catch them on emerald.

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

Are there real cheats for Pokemon emerald?

I think so

Is There A MewFourpictures In Pokemon Emerald?

i don't think so

How do you clone Pokemon early in emerald?

You need a Gameshark code, or, if you have a friend that has beaten Pokemon emerald already, you just trade the Pokemon over to them and let them do the cloning glitch. So what i am basicly saying is that you cant clone early in Pokemon emerald.