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Yes, but you need to purchase a Network Adapter. The PS2 has many games that rely on online gameplay, such as SOCOM and an assortment of sports games. The PS2 does not support web browsing, however.

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Q: Is the Playstation 2 able to connect to the internet?
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Are there any PlayStation accessories for allowing my console to browse the Internet?

The Playstation 3 is wifi capable, and has an ethernet port to plug into your local connection. The PS2 is able to connect only through ethernet cable. There is a built in internet browser in the Playstation 3, but no browser in the Playstation 2.

Do you have to hook your playstation 2 to a computer to play online?

No you have to connect it to the internet to go online. That's the same way your computer is able to go online.

How do you connect a iPhone to a PlayStation 2?

an iPhone can not be used to provide internet access to the PS2

How do you connect a Playstation to a computer?

You Can't, you can however download a PS1/2/3 Emulator and ROMs from the internet for free.

What is playstation3?

a playstation 3 is a better upgraded version on playstation 2. You are able to connect to wireless via the playstation 3 , by games play online and store music , films and photos on it too ! its truly remarkable !

Can you trade your PlayStation for a PlayStation 2?

No your Playstation is not able to be traded

Why can't I connect to the EA server?

Is there any chord to connect Sony Playstation 2 to computers?


How do you connect a hard disk in PlayStation 2?

Don't think it is possible

Does it cost anything to have your PlayStation 2 online?

You must already have internet service and there is no extra charge for the PlayStation

Can you browse internet in Sony Playstation 2?

No, only in the ps3.

Does it hurt your PlayStation if you put a DVD in it?

No PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 can play DVDs PlayStation 1 just will not be able to read the disc