Is shellos a good Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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By my opinion, no. Shellos is not a good Pokemon. Why is that? Because you catch it in very low levels, can be beat by ALL Grass-Type Pokemon and because it learns really bad moves (except Muddy Water and Body Slam). Hope I helped :)

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Q: Is shellos a good Pokemon
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What level does a boy shellos evolve?

A boy Shellos evolves at level 30 in the Pokemon franchise. At level 30, Shellos will appear as the Pokemon, Gastrodon.

What route is the mass outbreak for Shellos come in Pokemon Black?

Shellos cannot be found in Pokemon Black or White. You can only obtain Shellos through PokeTransfer or the Pokemon Dream World.

What type of Pokemon is Shellos?

Shelgon is a Dragon type pokemon.

Is shellos a rare Pokemon?


When does shellos evolve on Pokemon diamond?

Shellos evolves into Gastrodon at level 30.

When do you evolve shellos on Pokemon platinum?

Shellos evolves in lvl 30 in a Gastrodon.

How do you find a Shellos on Pokemon indigo?

Shellos can be found in Celadon City where Erika is.

What level does shellos evovle on Pokemon diamond?

Shellos evolves into Gastrodon at level 30.

What Pokemon does shellos evolve into in Pokemon Platinum?


What does a Shellos evolve into Pokemon Diamond?


In Pokemon Soul Silver Where do you hatch Shellos to get a green one?

Green shellos are boy shellos go to an area where you can find shellos and wait till you find a boy shellos notice it will be green instead of pink.

How do you find a shelldon in Pokemon HeartGold?

shellos or sheildon? Shellos live everywhere but you need an armour fossil to get sheildon