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No, he is a spinosaur.

I don't think they are able to reproduce with t-rex.

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Q: Is rudy the father dinosaur from 'Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs?
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What is the name of the giant dinosaur in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs?

The giant dinosaur in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is named Rudy.

What kind of dinosaur was Rudy from 'Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs'?

Godzilla. He is more powerful and taller than rudy

In Ice Age Dawn of the dinosaurs what is the name of buck's arch nemesis the gigantic dinosaur?

The name of Bucks arch nemesis is Rudy

What type of dinosaur is rudy in ice age 3?


What is the dinosaur that buck fights is ice age 3?

Rudy the Baryonyx

Who were the negative influences in Rudy's life?

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Who is the new characters in Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs?

Scratte {Female Scrat}, Buck {A Weasel}, Rooty {A Giant Killer Dinosaur},The 4 Baby Tyrannosaurs, The Mama Tyrannosaur, The New-Born Mammoth,And a WWHHHHOOOLLLLLEEEE lot More that I Can't think of right now.Um. Where did you learn to spell? It's RUDY! an he's a Albino BaryonyxPeaches the new born baby mammoth Scratte (a female saber tooth-flying squirrel) 3 Baby Tyrannosaurus (Shelly Egbertand Yoko) Oh And BUCK RULES!

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