Is master chief a girl

Updated: 4/27/2022
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master chief is totaly NOT A GIRL.


Stupid person

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Q: Is master chief a girl
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Is sergeant john forge master chief?

No ok first thing of all master chief is a girl!

Halo a girl?

If you asked "is halo a girl" then no, it is a huge ring which master chief crashs on to and it is a destructive super weapon which the covenet try to destroy the universe with but fail because master chief blows it up. Master Cheif rules =)

What gender is Master Chief?

Master Chief is a male.

Does the elite join master chief or the abarter join master chief?

Arbiter joins master chief in halo 3 to fight the flood

Who is more famous master chief or megatron?

master chief

Who is more famous naruto or master chief?

Master Chief.

Who is more famous goku or master chief?

master chief !!

What is a master chief?

it is a rank in the spartan army and John (master chief) is not only the last spartan but he is also the only master chief

Who plays master chief?

Master Chief is voiced by Steve Downes.

Is master chief cool?

yes but master chief with recon is beter

Who would win in a fight terminator or master chief?

master chief

Who is more famous Fred figglehorn or master chief?

Master Chief is.