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No, it is commonly found in Fiery Path. There is a 25% chance of finding one, while the other wild Pokemon are spread out. (Numel being most common with a high 30% chance.)

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Q: Is koffing a rare Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get koffing in Pokemon Ruby?

In Fiery Path. It's rare.

Is koffing a rare Pokemon?

it depends what game your playing normally only wheezing is rare but not really

What level does koffing evolve in Pokemon emerald?

it will evolve in level 35, it eovlves in weezing

What Pokemon are in fiery path in Pokemon ruby?

I have emerald and I have found geodude, torkoal and koffing. There is also graveler, murk and grimer. Possibly there could be slugma and numel. Evolutions of slugma and numel are rare. Catch when possible.

Where do you find Pokemon 110 in shapphire?

You can only get Weezing by evolving Koffing. Koffing can be found on the Fiery Path in Sapphire but it's rare.

Where is Koffing in emerald?

koffing evolves at level 35

On Pokemon Emerald how do you clone 99 rare candies?

On Pokemon emerald, just clone 99 Pokemon holding a rare candy.

Where do you get koffing in celadon city?

koffing is not real,but you can get it in a Pokemon game.

Is solrock a rare Pokemon?

Solrock is not such a rare Pokemon but you can only get them in ruby/emerald

How do you get koffing in Pokemon?

It depends which version you are playing. Red/Blue version: You can find Koffing in the Pokemon Mansion, however he is rare in Blue version. Yellow Version: He cannot be found in Yellow. Gold/Crystal/Silver version: You can find him in Mahogany Town or the Burned Tower. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version: You can find him on the Fiery Path, however he is rare in Sapphire version. FireRed/LeafGreen version: You can find him in the Pokemon Mansion, however he is rare in LeafGreen. Colosseum: He cannot be found in Colosseum. XD: He cannot be found in XD.

Is sudowoodo a legendy on emerald?

No, but it is considered as a rare Pokemon in emerald.

What rare Pokemon are in Pokemon Emerald?

the main rare Pokemon is ragwaza (soz carnt remember how to spell it <:)