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Yes you just has to be above level 60, and then Groudon will have a 2.5% chance of asking to join the team. However, it would be easier with a friend bow or if you are above level 90.

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Q: Is it possible to recruit Groudon without a friend bow?
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Is a friend bow needed to recruit Groudon?

NO but the game need's to be finished

Is it possible to recruit Groudon when you're a level 53 Articuno with the Friend Bow as your hold item with Silver Rank on Blue Rescue Team?

well, Groudon's recruit rate is negative 10% but you get an added 10% bonus for being above level 50 and the friend bow adds 10% so there will be a 10% chance Groudon will ask to join the team. HOWEVER it won't work if you are Articuno you need to be a smaller Pokemon because Groudon won't fit on the team (his size is four stars and articuno's size is four stars. On one team at a time the body size can be six stars)To answer your question it is impossible to recruit Groudon if you are an Articuno.

How do you recruit Groudon in mystery dungeon red?

They're in Magma Cavern (a part of story) and you'll need a friend bow.

In mystery dungeon blue rescue team what is Groudons friend area?

the friend area of groudon is not really important. you dont need the friend area to recruit it. it joins you and the friend area comes with it.

How do you get Groudons friend area on Pokemon Blue rescuse team?

all you have to do is get a higher rank and go to magma cavern and beat groudon and if he say he wants to join your team say yes and he come with his friend area same like kyogre and rayquaza i thinkAnswerAll you have to do is defeat him and hopefully he'll ask you to join and he'll COME with the friend area! Hope this helps :D

How do you recruit Groudon on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

after u finish the rayquaza bit and uve rolled through the credits.. groudon and the 3 birds well go back to there mountains/pits, bring a friend bow and be a lvl 100 (its -10% without a high lvl and friend bow, with a lvl 100 and friend bow its +40%) and just keep trying.. goodluck... :) PS Darkcharizard11

How do you get Groudon on your team on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

By beating rayquaza and having a friend bow, lvl 100 and max iq. Dont recruit anyone else. Save at midway so turn off if you dont recruit so you can try agian.

Where does Groudon live on Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

After you beat the game go back to Groudon and challenge him again and if he joins you he will come with his friend area. If you cannot find where other legedaries live, this is why. But, be warned. It is very unlikely Groudon will join. Not because he comes with his friend area, but because Nintendo programmed the game that way. So don't be discouraged if it takes you about 20 tries before you recruit him. I recommend a friend bow. If you don't know what or how to get a friend bow, Google it like you should have done with this question.

Can you recruit Zapdos without a friend bow?

Perhaps its possible, but its not very likely. heres a wonder mail for friend bow: F?8N K1F? ?86X K7?H 6??0 K??W P.S: This wonder mail makes it possible to find plusle in thunderwave cave. Injoy! Your friend Chan Chan

HOW CAN U Get Groudon in Pokemon pearl?

The only possible way would be to trade it over from another one of your games or from a friend.

How is Groudon obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no real way to get groudon, but you can just migrate it, or have a friend trade it to you.

What is Groudon's friend area?

Groudon's friend area is automatically acquired by recruiting Groudon. It cannot be bought at the Wigglytuff Club, therefore it's name doesn't matter. (However, I believe it is something like Burning Desert.)