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Yes, you can create a homemade xbox360 game, but you need an apphud membership and an application called xna game studio

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Q: Is it possible to make homemade xbox 360 games?
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Can you downloud Xbox games and play them on your Xbox?

With a modified xbox, this is possible. Either hardware or software mods will make this possible. Otherwise, NO! Also, doing so is illegal.

Is it possible to use original Xbox games with an Xbox 360?

Only certian games you can.

Is it possible to play Xbox 360 games on regular Xbox?

No, and if it was possible what would be the point of buying and Xbox 360 anyways, besides the point of live? You can play a lot of regular Xbox games on the Xbox 360.

Can you play old Xbox games on the new Xbox 360?

Yes, It Is Possible To Play Old Xbox Games On An Xbox 360, However, You Cannot Play Xbox 360 Games On An Original Xbox.

Do they still make Xbox games?

No..only xbox 360 games

How do you make your Xbox 360 play old Xbox games?

Make sure you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, then you can play old Xbox games.

Do they make anymore normal Xbox games?

They make some games because theres a Madden 09 for the Xbox

Will a homemade DVD of xbox 360 games play on the console?

If your asking about an unmodified console - No, Modified console - Yes. And no i will not tell you what where how and do.

Is there a way to make Xbox 360 games work on a Xbox?


What are all possible parental controls on the xbox 360?

You can make it so the xbox will not play ceratain games if they are above a certain rating and you can set a time limit per day or week

How do you make your Xbox 360 read Xbox games?

just put the game in the xbox 360

Is it possible to port playstation games on an xbox or would that require intensively recoding the game?

No its not possible