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yes. you either get 5000 wifi tokens or go to targets ds download station. here is a cheat for action replay TITLE:All VEHICLES AND CHARACTERS UNLOCKED. CODE:0203152C E3A00001 02031530 E8BD8038

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Q: Is it possible to get the jet in decepticons DS?
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Transformers decepticons where's the jet on ds?

Well I guess all the seekers

How can you scan a jet in transformers decepticons on Nintendo Ds?

im not really sure but go to target and do download play.

How do you get a jet on transformers ds?

Get 2500 wifi tokens on allspark wars and you will get Skydive (Autobots), or G1 Starscream (Decepticons).

How can you be decepticons in the game transformers ds?

U have to buy transformers Decepticons.

How to you get a jetplane on the Transformers Autobots or Decepticons DS game?

On transformers Decepticons you can use Starscream or Megatron as a jet or by getting 2500 wifi tokens on allspark wars you can get G1 Starscream (Jet). I am not 100% sure but I think you have to go to any Target and go to someplace where you will download the movie trailer then you will get a Jet called Skydive (Autobots).

Can you be the fallen on transformers decepticons version on ds?

No, you cannot be the fallen on transformers on DS.

How do you save your game in transformers decepticons ds?

TRANSFORMERS DECEPTICONS automatically saves so don't worry about it

Who is barricade in transformers decepticons ds?

the decepticon police car

Were to get G1starscream transformers decepticons ds?

beat allspark wars

How many WIFI tokens do you need to get the jet on transformers decepticons?

5000 tokens

In Transformers Decepticons DS does it save if you're DS runs out of battery?

yes it save's automaticly after each mission.

How do you be barricade in transformers decepticons ds?

You have to beat the game, then in freeplay you can select barricade.