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There are xbox originals on the marketplace. I forget how much they cost, but it's only a small handful of games that were from the original xbox. One that I can remember is gta San Andreas.

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Q: Is it possible to download old games on Xbox360?
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Do the old xbox360 games work with the new xbox360?


What games cant you play on xbox360 that are on xbox?

As far as I know pretty much all old xbox games will work on Xbox360. The best way to find out is to pop the disc in your 360 and it will tell you whether or not it is compatible. From what I remember some games require a small download from xbox live or something.

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well im 14 years old so i say xbox360 is way better.......

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How do you make an old game work for xbox360?

You can play some original Xbox games on the Xbox 360.

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Unfortunately, the Wii will not play Super Nintendo cartridge games. However, through Nintendo's Virtual Console download service, it is possible to purchase a limited number of Super Nintendo games for download and use on the Nintendo Wii.

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Can you carry the info in your old Xbox to a 360?

Sadly no. For a few reasons. Firstly xbox360 is only fully compatible with 360 games so you wouldn't really be playing all of your old games. You can download compatability for old games of xbox live but cant transfer any saved data on an xbox. Also you can tramsfer your xbox live account by simply going onto clicking on account migration then follow on screen instructions. hope this helps. Jack

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How much are your old xbox360 worth?