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It is quite normal for men's semen to be a yellowish color, but if it isn't white or a yellowish color please see your doctor. Marcy NORMAL ejaculate (semen) varies among guys, from almost a clear looking fluid, to a real white color. Average color is usually not real white, but an off white, sort of like the color of skim milk. When boys first masturbate, it's not unusual for it to be clear and not a lot of it.

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Q: Is it normal if your semen isn't white?
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What if your semen is white?

It is normal for semen to be anywhere from a very pale yellow to white color.

How to produce thick white semen?

Normal semen is fairly thin and runny.

Is it normal to have white bits in your semen?

If the bits ae solid no....but if not the sperm it self is white.

Am 23 and your semen is coming out white now?

If I'm not mistaken, that is normal.

Your semen is white and then it will be a little yellow?

That is normal. The sperm changes color a little and consistency as the enzymes in the semen change.

Is it normal for a 44 year old man to have clear sperm?

You mean 'Semen', not sperm. Sperm are invisible and semen is the liquid that carries sperm cells out of the man's body. Yes, clear semen is normal. So is white, cloudy semen.

What does come look like?

Most semen is white in color, but grey or even yellowish semen can be normal as well. Blood in the semen can cause a pink or reddish color

What is the normal pH of a semen?

The normal pH of semen is 7.2-8.0 so somewhat alkaline.

Is it OK to ejaculate but not white semen when you are 22?

Semen is not always white in color. Semen has been known to be white, clear, beige, and even contain some yellow tints. However, if you are worried about it or wanting to start a family, you may want to see a fertility doctor for a sperm count. Otherwise, yes it is quite normal to have varying semen colors.

Why would your semen appear white at first but become light yellow when it dries?

Is it normal for someone to watch their semen dry? That should be your question. But, yes, that is entirely possible.

Is it normal to have clear and watery semen on every ejaculation?

Diet has a substantial effect on the consistency of semen. Consuming protein will result in semen having a thicker, white consistency. Carbohydrates and fat will thin out the consistency of semen, resulting in clear and watery semen. Vegetarians have been known to have consistently clear semen.

Is some sperm clear?

Clear semen is quite normal for younger teenagers who are not yet in the prime of their sexual development. Occasional instances of it for male adults who normally release white semen is also considered normal. Clear semen occurs when a man experiences frequent ejaculation in one sexual encounter. Watery semen has a much lower sperm count than the normal consistency.

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