Is it illegal to make a private server?

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2010-02-23 20:42:43

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It depends what server it is.

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2010-02-23 20:42:43
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Q: Is it illegal to make a private server?
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Related questions

How do you make a runescape 562 private server?

Private server's are pretty much illegal, and I wouldn't recommend trying to make one.

Where do you make a private server for wow?

Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

How do you make a Private server For WoW?

Private servers are Illegal, i would not advice playing and/or making one.

What is the right way to make a World of Warcraft Private Server?

There is no right way to make a private server. They are illegal and should be discouraged. Please be happy with the game Blizzard has provided.

How do you make Maplestory Europe private server?

Nope, that is illegal don't even think about it e.e

What is a private server on World of Warcraft?

A private server on WoW is a server made by someone else than Blizzard. But playing or creating a private server is very illegal, so i wouldn't recommend playing private server.

Are Private Servers illegal to play or own one?

I don't think it is ILLEGAL to play Private Servers. However, to own a Private Server is illegal.

Is making a private server for a few friends illegal?


Is it illegal to make a ms private server but just my buds play?

Nope. The ONLY way a private server can be illegal is if you make money off of something that isn't your own work. Because you didn't make Maplestory, you can't make money from it, and if you do & Nexon finds out, bye bye good life.

What us a good runescape private server source?

Running a Runescape private server is illegal. Just enjoy the game for what it is.

How do you make your own club penguin server?

Sorry, this is only possible for people who know how to code AS3 It's also illegal to make a Club Penguin PRIVATE Server.

Does playing wow on a private server need any CD key?

Ask the owner of the private server. If they don't know, then they have no business running an illegal server.

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