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It is sometimes cheaper to pre-order on Steam, but occasionally publishers will do exclusive deals with certain 'bricks-and-mortar' retailers which allows them to sell it a lot cheaper than Steam can (although this happens the other way round occasionally too).

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Q: Is it cheaper to pre order a game from steam?
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Does Steam do refunds?

No Steam does not do refunds. There is an exception. If you pre-order a game and want that pre-ordered game to be refunded, then it can be refunded as long as it is refunded before the game is released.

How do you pre order games?

It all depends on how you are buying the game. If you are buying it through Valve Software's steam client, then you type in the name of the game in the search box and you hit pre order. If you are buying it at a gamestop or retail store, then you will need to go up to the desk in the game department and order it there.

When you pre-order a game on steam will it auto-download when it becomes available?

No you will have to manually install it however on some popular releases there will sometimes be a pre-load allowing you to download the game before it's release

When pre ordering a game on steam are you charged when the game unlocks or when you buy the game?

You are charged when you first buy the game.

How much is the new game battlefield 3?

dude really obviously 59.99 plus tax or maybe cheaper if u pre order and if u do pre order you get the back to karkand expansion pack HECKS YEA!! XD

How do you pre-order a video game?

you go to Gamestop, Best Buy, etc. and ask to pre-order the game. -_-

Should I pre-order halo 4 or buy halo 4 legendary edition?

Pre-order halo 4 because its much cheaper.

Can you pre-order a video game after it has come out?

If the game is release, you cant pre-order. You can ask a store to save you a copy.

How can you by UC3 game?

Pre order it

How much is it to pre order borderlands the pre sequel?

It does not cost anything additional to pre-order a game. Most stores will allow you to put a minimum of $5 down the day you pre-order, which goes toward the total cost of the game when you pick it up later. You're then able to pick the game up on the date of release without worry that they'll run out of copies before you get there.

What is pre-order mean for video games?

To pre-order a video game is to order it before it is actually released.

Do you need a id to pre order a game?