Is it bad to stand your ps3 up?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nope, the playstation 3 doesnt have the same flaw as the 360 does. You can stand it up or have it flat, either way is fine... i prefer to have it standing up only because it saves space, and ive never had a problem with it.

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Q: Is it bad to stand your ps3 up?
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Is it harmful for a ps3 to stand up?

No they build a special stand for it and sell it at the Sony Sitte

Is it bad to play a playstation 3 slim on it's side?

There is a stand for the PS3 so it must be OK to use the Sony stand

Does a PlayStation 3 stand upright?

A vertical stand is available for the PS3

What's the average price for a PS3 Controller Power Charger Stand?

The average price for the power charger stand on a PS3 is around $8.99.

If you stand a PS3 upright does it burn the disc?

no it does not

What does rp stand for on ps3?

Rating Pending

Should you trade a PS3 for a Wii?

No a PS3 for a Wii would be a bad trade.

What is bad for a PS3?

Throwing it in a pool.

Does the sony PS3 really need the cooling fans?

Yes, otherwise the entire console will eventually burn out. If the PS3 could not stand up to the warranty or really needed USB add on cooling fans it would become part of the PS3 optional equipment.

What is battlefield bad company 2 PS3 rating?

on the box of my battlefield bad company 2 for my PS3 game is rated M for Mature!

Is getting rid of the cache memory in your ps3 bad?

It is very bad!!

How do you get out of the torture chair in Call of Duty Black Ops on ps3?

Repeatedly press R2 and L2 and you will break the wrist straps and stand up.