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for the Xbox 360, all Guitar Hero Guitars can work in any direction

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Q: Is guaitar hero 1 guitar backwards compatible with Guitar Hero 2 for xbox 360?
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Can you use the same Guitar Hero guitar on the newer versions of Guitar Hero such as Guitar Hero 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 5?

Yes, the games are backwards compatible with the controllers. However, the old controllers can not be used with the Xbox One, or PS4.

What type of guitar needed for Guitar Hero metallica?

The Guitar Hero games are all backwards compatible, so they should work with the previous game's guitar, and also Guitar Hero games are compatible with some Rock Band guitars. You can also purchase third-party guitars, as long as they are for your game system and say that they are for Guitar Hero.

Can the Rock Band guitar be compatible to the Guitar Hero guitar?

Yes it is compatible \X...X/

Is Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with Guitar Hero 2 on xbox?

Yes. The Guitar is compatible with both guitar hero 2 and 3. Also, the guitar hero guitar on xbox 360 is compatible with rock band for xbox 360.

Is the guitar from Guitar Hero compatible with Guitar Freaks?


Is a Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with Guitar Hero 5?

Yes it is compatible with GH 5.

Is guitar hero 3 compatible for guitar hero 4?

The Guitar Hero III guitar is completely compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour provided you're still using it with the Wii.

Is the Guitar Hero guitar compatible with rockband?


Is Guitar Hero 3 compatible with the guitar from world tour for playstation 2?

Yes any guitar is compatible with any game

Is the Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with Guitar Hero 2 game?


Guitar hero 3 guitar Guitar Hero 5?

Yes they are 100% compatible.

How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 2 game?

The game is compatible with any guitar