Is feral heart kid friendly

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is feral heart kid friendly
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Does feral heart slow your computer down?

From what I understand no. Feral heart does not slow your pc down. It might have to do with what you have for a computer. Dell toshiba ect... Also, I have looked on the feral heart site and other multiple sites. FERAL HEART DOES NOT GIVE YOU VIRUSES. IF YOU HAVE NORTON FOR YOUR ANTI VIRUS SERVICE... NORTON DOES NOT LIKE FERAL HEART. FERAL HEART IS 100% SAFE. NORTON LIKES TO POINT FINGERS AT FERAL HEART. THAT IS A QUOTE FROM THE OFFICIAL FERAL HEARTS SITE. Have fun playing!

Is feral heart free?

Yes, Feral Heart is free to download.

Do you have to have windows 7 to download Feral Heart?

No, Feral Heart runs on most versions of Windows.

What time does feral heart open?

well feral heart i a noroml animal it opens in an hour

Is feral heart a virus?

actually feral heart got fixed with the new update, its 100% safe to download.

Is there any new feral heart versions?

Actually there will be no more feral heart versions but the next game by KovuKLD is Keeldra.

Kid that growled at people from mad max?

That would be Emil Minty who played as the "Feral Kid" .

Is feral heart out yet?

Yes. Was just released today, download here:

How much memory does feral heart take up?

Why play feral heart? Why not play Impressive Title, it has WAY more detail and wolves suck

Is ROBLOX kid-friendly?

Roblox is not 100% kid-friendly.

What is energy kid friendly definition?

A kid friendly definition of the word energy is, the ability to do work.

Are there any Lion MMorpg?

You can try Impresive World, Feral Heart, and Arokia is coming out soon. You can be a lion or wolf in Feral Heart. While in Arokia you can be a lion, wolf, bear gryphon, deer, or owl. I would suggest using Feral Heart and then when Arokia comes out switching to that :3