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you just go to email and you do it

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Q: How do you activate your feral heart account?
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How do you hack a feral heart account?

You would not hack into this account. It is not legal or ethical to hack into any account that is not yours.

Does feral heart slow your computer down?

From what I understand no. Feral heart does not slow your pc down. It might have to do with what you have for a computer. Dell toshiba ect... Also, I have looked on the feral heart site and other multiple sites. FERAL HEART DOES NOT GIVE YOU VIRUSES. IF YOU HAVE NORTON FOR YOUR ANTI VIRUS SERVICE... NORTON DOES NOT LIKE FERAL HEART. FERAL HEART IS 100% SAFE. NORTON LIKES TO POINT FINGERS AT FERAL HEART. THAT IS A QUOTE FROM THE OFFICIAL FERAL HEARTS SITE. Have fun playing!

Is feral heart free?

Yes, Feral Heart is free to download.

How can you activate your account on hi5?

how can you activate your account on hi5?

Do you have to have windows 7 to download Feral Heart?

No, Feral Heart runs on most versions of Windows.

What time does feral heart open?

well feral heart i a noroml animal it opens in an hour

Is feral heart a virus?

actually feral heart got fixed with the new update, its 100% safe to download.

Is there a game like Wolf Quest that involves big cats?

Well there is one game called Feral Heart. You have to download it and have an account to play.

Is there any new feral heart versions?

Actually there will be no more feral heart versions but the next game by KovuKLD is Keeldra.

How do you activate a cancelled account in Facebook?

You activate a cancelled account on Facebook by logging into the Facebook account with the previous details.

Is feral heart kid friendly?


Do you have to register to play feral hearts?

Yes, you have to register. You must have an account to use Feral Hearts, because it is online, and everything you do is tracked back to your account.