Is edge card for DS illegal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, it is not. You can own an EDGE (or iEDGE) card and do many things with it that are completely fine. You can even play Nintendo games in it legally - IF and ONLY IF you also own the real game (i.e. you back it up to this card).

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Q: Is edge card for DS illegal?
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How does a smart card work on a Nintendo DS?

It is possible to use a smart card with the Nintendo DS to play pirated games. This has been made illegal.

What is the game that has other games on it for Nintendo DS called?

R4 card which is illegal, by the way.

Will ds edge card work in the dsi?

The EDGE DS won't work in the DSi, but several cards including the EDGE DS's successor the iEDGE will. A few include:R4i SDHCAcekard 2iEZFlash ViiEDGEThere are a few more genuine ones but also beware of fakes. The iEDGE in particular has one very prominent fake card. You can learn to tell the difference by visiting:http://www.ebuylife.comBest of luck!

What features are on edge ds card?

you can watch movies, listen to your own music, cheats and 200 games for £3

What is the R4 card on Pokemon pearl?

The R4DS is a DS flash cart that can run DS Roms and Homebrew programs. Downloading DS games/roms you don't own is illegal.

Why isn't the r4 card illegal?

The R4 card is illegal in most country, because it simulate the original DS catridge to play free games on Nintendo 3DS DSi and DS console. The customers don't need to pay any more for game play, and the game developer can not get moneyanymore.

How do you hack a Nintendo DS?

hacking is illegal, but if you need to play homebrew and downloaded game roms on your ds purchase an R4 or an M3 hack card you can buy on eBay

Where can you buy a edge card for Nintendo DS?

For West-European customers,there is a good Belgian website in Dutch,french and Englisch,they selling the iEdge card,the website is On the official website from Edge : you can find more resellers.

Can you text to phones from a ds?

You can phone people on a DS r4 card, if you know how to(look on youtube-type in-phone ds). But you can't text anybody+it's illegal to use r4 cards to play games, music and phone people with.

What are the blank ds cards and their adapters called?

There are not blank DS cards per say, but there are adapters that take a MicroSD card effectively making a blank DS card through the firmware installed on the card. Some of the most popular are: R4 R4 SDHC M3 Cyclo DS Acekard There are many more, but these are just a few. They are pretty controversial though because while the cards themselves are not illegal, they can be used for illegal purposes such as playing commercial ROMS. However just as many people use them for legal purposes as well, so they do have their place in the market.

What is the attachment for you're DS that allows you to plug it into the DS card slot and have two DS card slot's called?

It could be and action replay because the action replay might be one DS card and the game you are going to hack is the other DS card, so that's 2 DS cards.

How can you get credit into your gamestop edge card without trading in?

how i get my edge card from gamestop