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sounds great.

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Q: Is earthquake shock wave megahorn and horn drill a good moveset for nidoking?
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Pokemon fire red what moves does nidoking learn?

Lots. Earthquake, horn drill, mega kick etc...

What moves can nidoking learn?

It can learn Peck, lv. 1, Focus Energy, lv. 1, Poison Sting, lv. 1, Double Kick, lv. 1, Thrash, lv. 22, Megahorn, lv. 43 To teach Nidoking Horn Attack, Focus Energy, Flatter and Horn Drill, evolve Nidorino after it learns these moves. (Nidorino learns its last attack, Horn Drill, at Lv. 54. To teach Megahorn or Thrash after evolution, visit a move relearner.

What is the best pomemon to use to defeat Pokemon trainer red?

nidoking, one that knows earthquake, and horn drill, and zapdos knowing thunder, pikachue snorlax and venasaur will be massacared by nidoking's earthquake, charizard blastoice and lapras will be killed by thunder

When does nidoking learn horn drill Pokemon crystal?

Unfortunately, Nidoking doesn't learn Horn Drill at all. In order to have your Nidoking learn Horn Drill, you'll need to level up your Nidorino to level 46 (you learn Horn Drill at that level) and then evolve it into a Nidoking.

What level does Nidoking learn horndrill?

Nidoking doesn't learn Horn Drill by level. Its previous evolution, Nidorino, does, which learns it at level 46. You'll have to level up a Nidorino until it learns Horn Drill, then evolve it to Nidoking.

Will nidorino still learn horn drill?

It should, my Nidoking still has it.

What are the best moves for herracross?

megahorn horn drill signal beam crunch dark pulse

When does seaking learn horn drill in Pokemon emerald?

I dont think he can but I know that NidoKing can besides NidoKing is better than Seaking on anyday!!!

What is the best moveset for ninjask?

depends on his stats, Horn Drill is always a good move. moveset: protect, sword dance, baton pass, substitute, any attack

Does Nidoking learn Horn Drill in Pokemon FireRed?

No, you need to have your Nidorino learn it at level 53. that's why i saved my moonstone until level 53 and then made him a NidoKing.

What moves does heracross learn?

only heracross' good moves are listed here: * night slash * megahorn * close combat * brick break * horn drill

Will we have an earthquake tomorrow?

No.. there is not going to be an actual earthquake, they are carrting out a drill, to show people how to prepare for a big earthquake if it were to ever happen. use the link to find out more check out here