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It is not but rareware talks about releasing there games on the virtual console. So it is possible it will be on the wii virtual console.

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Q: Is conkers bad fur day on the virtual console?
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Can you play conkers bad fur day online?

yes you can all you need is project 64k and conkers bad fur day ROM

Can you get conkers bad fur day on ps3?

No :(

How old is conker in conkers bad fur day?


What does debug mode do in conkers bad fur day?

it mends nothing

Does Conkers bad fur day require an expansion pack to play?


What are the movie references in conkers bad fur day?

Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"

Is conkers bad fur day a kids game?

Yes! It is the best kids game ever too!

When will Conker Bad Fur Day Virtual Console come out?

It never will. The developers of the game, RARE, are now contractually obliged to release their software on Microsoft platforms. If you want to play conker's bad fur day, you will need an original n64 with a memory pack or an xbox.

Can you play Conkers Bad Fur Day for Xbox on Xbox 360?

I think there is something you have to get to play xbox games on the 360 if you have the hdd then yes you can

Where can you buy conkers bad fur day?

I would look for it on Amazon, or at a secondhand store that sells old video games. Your chances may be better online.

How do you get more people on your team in multiplayer on conkers bad fur day?

When selecting your team, push the control stick down to add more people to each team.

Will there be a conkers bad fur day sequel?

It's still unkown, but highly doubted. Conker Live and Reloaded was originally planned as a sequel, but got reworked into a remake of CBFD.