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no classic Amy is not in sonic generations only modern amy is

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Q: Is classic Amy in sonic generations?
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Is Amy in sonic generations?

Yes, she is going to appear in Sonic generations.

Can you be shadow in sonic generations?

No, you can only play as Modern and Classic Sonic.

Does classic sonic like anyone?

classic tails classic amy classic knucles

Where did the 3 tails from YouTube get their tails?

were did 3 tails get there tails from

Who is all in sonic generations?

3D sonic 2D sonic,espionage,vector,charmy,Amy,tails,rouge,and blaze

What characters will there be in sonic generations?

So far it's only Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Dr. Robotnik/Eggman.

Is metal Sonic evil?

yes, if you have played sonic generations. Metal sonic will try to kill you as Classic sonic.

What is Sonic Generations about?

It's about Classic and Modern Sonic teaming up together to defeat Eggman. And the time eater captured their friends so classic and modern sonic have to save them.

Why was Sonic light blue?

If you've seen Sonic CD and Sonic the movie his fur colour was light blue based on his classic design and also in Sonic Generations Classic Sonic is light blue that shows you what Sonic was when he was young.

How do you do a classic homing attack in sonic generations?

classic sonic cant do a homing attack but modern sonic can. I think you press the A button then press A again. classic sonic does do a spin dash. to do a spin dash hold the left stick down then press A.

How can you play as Shadow in Sonic Generations?

Shadow is only available through the download of a hack to put into the PC version of Sonic Generations. Otherwise, only the classic and modern versions of Sonic are playable.

Is classic Sonic sonics son?

No. He is Sonic's past self. "Classic" means past, so Classic Sonic is Sonic's past self. He was Sonic ever since 1991 until Sega changed his appearance to age in "Sonic Adventure" (1998) He has also appeared in "Sonic Generations" (2011) It is currently unknown if he will return.