Why was Sonic light blue?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you've seen Sonic CD and Sonic the movie his fur colour was light blue based on his classic design and also in Sonic Generations Classic Sonic is light blue that shows you what Sonic was when he was young.

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Q: Why was Sonic light blue?
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Who is the light blue and dark blue guy from sonic that looks like shadow?


Is Sonic Blue?

Yes, Sonic is blue.

Why is sonic blue?

I heard from the sonic comic websites that he broke something on a treadmill by going super fast and he turned blue for the color of speed.(His dad is brown and his mom is light purple <---this might be the answer.)

Is there any blue people in sonic?

Yes Sonic is blue

How many emblems do you need to get a light blue egg on sonic adventure 2 battle?

50 or 40

How many emblems do you need to get a blue egg on sonic adventure 2 battle?

go buy the light blue egg RE:: After 105 emblems.

Does Matt Smith like his sonic screwdriver or the old one?

he like s both but he wants it to have a blue light

How does blue look like from sonic?

There is no character named blue in the known sonic franchise

Who is the blue fancharacter fox in sonic?

There are several blue fan character foxes in the Sonic fandom.

What level does a sonic chao turn blue on sonic adventure battle 2?

Sonic Chao turns blue on it's second evolution.

What colour have rouge the bat on her eyes?

Light blue in most games but in Sonic Heroes she has hot pink eye shadow.

What is the difference between sonic and super sonic?

Sonic is blue and runs and Super Sonic is invincible and can fly