Is bungie closing down

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, they are separating TOTAL partenership from Mcrosoft. They may still make Xbox games, but then they may make PS3. They're becoming free. Microsoft still has rights to Halo, so we're screwed. :[

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Q: Is bungie closing down
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What is Bungie's Email?

You can not email Bungie, but you can contact a employee at Bungie.

Who hates Microsoft?

Bungie the creator of Halo because their was a contract. It was the year 2000. They don't like Microsoft but they have to make games for them or Microsoft will close their company down. It started the year about around 2000. The person who created Bungie decided to quit Bungie.

How do you mod halo using halo mapping tools v 3.5?

I wouldn't if i were you, bungie are cracking down on modded maps, my friend got his live acount deleted by bungie.

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What is bungie aerospace?

Bungie aerospace is bungie's new multi-platform game with ubisoft

What is bungie day?

Bungie day is a day celebrating bungie by playing against bungie employees A's a team slayer to earn prizes

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What is the population of Bungie?

Bungie's population is 2,011.

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Why did Bungie get rid of Halo 2 Live Forever?

Bungie wanted to keep the original xbox live alive. But Microsoft found little profit in keeping it running so it was shut down.