Is bulma hot

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when she was young she was

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Q: Is bulma hot
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Who is older Bulma or Goku?

bulma is older

Why to Vegeta and Bulma get married?

bulma thought vegeta was cute

Is bulma playable?

no bulma is not playable but she appears in dbz games u can see bulma in dbz budokai 3 cutscenes

Why did Bulma pick Vegeta?

bulma pick vegeta because she love him

Who did yamcha cheat on bulma with?

No one, he didn't get another girlfriend after Bulma.

Who is younger chi- chi or bulma?

Chi-Chi, she was a little girl when Goku and Bulma first met her in Dragonball, while Bulma was in her late teens

What does bulma mean in English?

Bulma is the name of a fictional character and it the same in any language

Can you get Kid Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

you can get alot of people but not bulma

When Goku was little why was bulma big?

Goku was 14 when Bulma was 16 Goku was short at that time

Who is hotter bulma or bulla?

Bulla cause shes more hotter than bulma when she was a teen

Which Manga cartoon features the character of Bulma?

The Manga cartoon that features the character of Bulma is the anime series called Dragon Ball. Bulma is an Allie that is encountered through the course of the story.

How do vegeta and bulma fall in love?

I think that they fell in love when vageta got out the shower and put on some clothes. But the reason why he got in the shower was because bulma told him to and after he put all his clothes on bulma walked in and he got mad and said''you earth dare you walkin here without permision.''then bulma said''i can becaus it`s my house."at least thats what i think they saidbut thats what vageta would say.then vageta said" okay don`t have to get smart with me".bulma said ' "get smart".me. Hush up vageta the only one who gets smart is you".vageta said"okay "then thats when they got very queit and then thats when bulma and vageta stared eye to eye and then bulma said"you know when i look at you closly you do look cute".thats wen vageta said "thankyou earth women".thats when they you know and bulma got pregnantand had the boy of my dreams trunks.p.s he`s so hot to me.not vageta trunks. Sincerly,k.r