Is buizel powerful

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends. the higher the level the more powerful it is. if its a high level then it is powerful. evolve it into floatzel. it even more powerful.

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Q: Is buizel powerful
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What evolves into buizel?

Buizel is basic. If youre thinking of Floatzel it evolves from Buizel.

What Pokemon is Buizel?

Buizel is a water type

How did Ash catch Buizel?

Ash never caught Buizel. Dawn caught it but she traded her Buizel for his Aipom.

What episode is when dawn gets a buizel?

Dawn catches Buizel in the episode that is titled "Buizel Your Way Outta This."

When does buizel evovle?

Buizel evolves at level 26.

Who does Buizel evolve into in Pokemon?

Buizel evolves into Floatzel.

Why is Buizel called Buizel?

Bui: Buoyancy is the act of floating in water. Zel: Buizel looks like a Weasel.

What type of Pokemon is buizel?

Buizel is a Water type pokemon.

What level does buizel have to be to evolve?

Buizel evolves at level 26.

Is buizel in Pokemon Ruby?

i think buizel is only in sinnoh

What level does Buizel evolve?

Buizel evolves at level 26.

Where is the buizel sticker it is in Pokemon stickedex?

my stickedex was missing buizel sticker