Is ash's snivy a boy or a girl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His Snivy is a girl. And Pikachu is a boy.

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Q: Is ash's snivy a boy or a girl?
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Is there a girl snivy?

Snivy is both a girl and a boy

Is snivy going to be a boy or girl in Pokemon mystery dungeon 4?

a girl

Is snivy a boy or a girl?


What gender is ashes snivy?

Snivy is a girl. I have a long and boring explination but I'll just put it simply. Snivy is a girl.

Can you get Snivy as an boy?

Yes you can

Where could you find a girl snivy?

When you choose a starter Pokemon if you choose snivy, you might get a female snivy.

Is snivy a girl?


Is ash's snivy a girl?


Is snivy the Pokemon a girl?

It is mostly a male, but it also has a low chance of being a female. In the Pokemon episodes, the Snivy that Ash have is a female.

Are any of ashes pokemon a girl?

pidove/tranquill and snivy

Where couldyou find a gil snivy in Pokemon black?

You can only breed it with a ditto. Ratio of to get a girl snivy is 25: 75 ( 75 is boys)

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The Memory Remains from the ReLoad album.