Is an rpg-7 an explosive rounds?

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2010-10-05 18:47:14

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Yes. The RPG x 2 is a rocket pro-pelled explosive launcher. It does massive damage and scares anyone.

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2010-10-05 18:47:14
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Q: Is an rpg-7 an explosive rounds?
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How do you get explosive rounds in mw2?

Explosive rounds are FMJ for Light machine guns such as MG4

Can you be a RAF sniper?

Yes however they tend to use explosive rounds All snipers may use explosive rounds - depending on the targets! The RAF Regt has snipers - they do exactly the same selection & training courses as British Army snipers. Answer: Explosive rounds? No. The RAF Regiment uses the Accuracy International L115A1 rifle chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum rounds. These rounds are NOT explosive.

In call of duty modern warfare 2 what guns can get the explosive rounds and how?

Every gun in the game and it is not explosive rounds it is FMJ (Full metal jacket)

How do you get explosive rounds on COD6?

From what I know you can't on any gun other than the MG4 but I may be wrong but I'm CERTAIN explosive rounds are available for the MG4 (:

What is a sentence for the word explosive?

The explosive device was deactivated.He had explosive diarrhoea after eating the Mexican meal.Use the explosive rounds.

Whats the best online RPG?

the rpg7

How small can explosive loaded projectiles be?

.22 caliber CB cap rounds have been loaded with primers to act as explosive rounds for clandestine operations. They are the very smallest commonly available rounds - less than half the length of a standard .22 LR (long rifle) round.

How do you get explosive bolts on call pf duty modern warfare 2?

You have to get FMJ for the MG4 and when you are in game it will be called 'MG4 Explosive rounds'. I'm not sure if the bullets are actually explosive but you will have to find out (:

In MW2 does the mg4 have explosive rounds?

No, it's just the FMJ round with a different name.

What to do if you have a stalker?

Buy an ak-47 1,00 rounds and a shotgun with explosive rounds. Next take 3 5hour energy drinks per day. You can guess the rest.

Is an ak47 longer than a RPG?

an unloaded RPG7 is ~80 milimeters longer than an AK-47, RPG7 loaded with a rocket is way too much longer than AK-47

What did tanks shoot out?

Tanks shoot APR (armour piercing rounds) and high explosive rounds. The ammo can be any size and can pierce tanks armor up to about 67 mm thick.

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