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There is no exactly "cheapest" explosive gear in Roblox. The least expensive rent-able explosive gear is the fuse bomb for R$30 for 3 days. The least expensive non-expiring gear is the TNT for R$700.

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Q: What is the cheapest explosive gear on roblox?
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Can you get gear on Roblox for 10 tickets?

Right now, the cheapest gear on Roblox costs about 15 Robux (1 week rental only) which is equivalent to about 287 tickets. Thus, 10 tickets is not enough to buy gear on Roblox. However, Roblox have released gear for just 1 Robux/ticket before for a limited amount of time (usually rental items).

What is the cheapest hat on roblox?

The cheapest hat on Roblox is the Roblox Visor.

How do you set a price for gear on roblox?

Only ROBLOX can sell gear, and set a price, sorry.

Can you get gear with tix on roblox?

Maybe. Sometimes Roblox sells some gear for a couple of tix.

What is the cheapest shirt on roblox?

5 robux. that is the cheapest you can make a shirt.

How do you make your own gear on roblox?

You can not make gear, but you can email the roblox people to make your own gear. (i told them to make a dance potion)

What was the first gear on roblox?

it was ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword

How do you get free gear on roblox?

You can't get free gear.

What happens if Roblox gear expires?

You can renew it by pressing the gear.

How much money does the social item on roblox cost?

Social items on Roblox can vary in price and Social items refer to a genre of gear rather than a specific piece. The current cheapest piece of social gear for sale is the foam finger for 50 Robux. The current most expensive piece of social gear for sale is the magic lamp, which sells for over 600 robux.

What Roblox gear do you like?


How do you use gear on ROBLOX?

you use a gear on roblox by going to your stuff then go to your grears on thre top then grow up and get a life roblox is for 3 and up dude get a life