Is Yoshi a boy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, Yoshi is a boy.

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Q: Is Yoshi a boy
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Is birdo gay?

no she likes Yoshi and Yoshi is a boy

Is Yoshi from Mario a boy?


Is Yoshi from Mario Bros a girl or a boy?


Yoshi boy or girl?

Boy. yoshiwinsagain agrees

Is pink Yoshi a boy or a girl?


Is Yoshi from Super Mario a boy?

Downright yeah.

Does Yoshi know that Birdo is a boy?

fo the last time birdo is not a boy she is girl

Is Yoshi male or female?

No. I know it's weird that he can lay eggs, but all the other characteristics about him show that he is a boy (like being married to Birdo although Japanese Nintendo made Birdo a gender confused male).

Is Yoshi a boy or girl?

Some say Yoshi does not have a gender, though the "female" Birdo has a crush on him or her. But, Birdo has been proven to be male in many ways. Nintendo says that. Here is the explanation: The characteristics of a male Yoshi are: for behavior more aggressive, for appearance, There is barely any differences from the female but the do have more spikes. sometimes, they can go all the way down his back. The most apparent characteristic that differs from a female Yoshi is that he can't lay eggs. However, there are a lot of males seen in games despite this fact. That's all really. Sometimes, males would lose their spikes from combat, making them easier to ride. The characteristics of a female Yoshi: Less spikes, ability to lay eggs, calmer too. She has a motherly mind, meaning, when she finds a lost baby or creature, she will take care if it until the parents are found. If you played Yoshi's island, That is a great example of what was explained above. Not make males look bad though but, they would attack baby Mario for coming into his territory or space. It is unknown how the female Yoshi egg became so popular but probably she uses it to defend herself from predators that may hurt her or her baby. That explains why the female Yoshi throws eggs. Yes, she lays eggs. No, she doesn't wear a bow or have big eye lashes. So now you know the difference between a male and female Yoshi. Yoshi is most likely a girl. But yoshi, the species, can be boy or girl.

What Game Boy game starts with y?

All the Yoshi games or the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

All about Yoshi?

im a HUGE Yoshi fan so i think i know all about Yoshi...ok Yoshi is a Dinosaur/lizard thing.....some claim that he is a dinosaur personally i think he is a Dinosaur....anyways despite what people say, he is what he is. Yoshi has 10 colors in all Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Orange, Black, and White....and NO there is no rainbow, gold, or silver... Yoshi doesnt have a age but he is a boy obviously i keep saying he so he must be a boy! xD depending on the color the Yoshi is it effects the color of the spots on his eggs... Yoshi's can only have up to six eggs. Yoshi's are hatched from eggs.....obviously like i said before....the color the egg is is the color the Yoshi will be when he is hatched..... Yoshi has been in a total of 6 games where he was the main role his first game was called Yoshi which was a tetris like game he appered in Mario Kart games Mario sport games and Mario party games...... Yoshi loves to eat fruit and cookies. Yoshi has a very happy cheerful personality and a kind heart....he will help anyone who is in danger.....Yoshi is my favorite Mario character and he will always be... Acually there is a green Yoshi,yellow,pink,purple,light blue, dark blue, rainbow, black,white,red,orange. Yoshi is the best! Yoshi hates bowser and fights him...he acually has wars againts bowser so Yoshi hates bowser and bowser hates Yoshi and that's all i know... so that's pretty mutch all i know about Yoshi if you want more info go to Yoshi or wikipedia (however you spell it xD)

What are all the different coloured yoshis names?

The different colored Yoshis in the Mario series are Yoshi (green), Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Brown Yoshi, Light Blue Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Black Yoshi, and White Yoshi.