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Actually Now, Yes he is this year's host for Family Feud!!

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Q: Is Steve Harvey the next host for family fued?
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Is Steve Harvey the first black game show host?

No, im not sure who is but i know that Wayne Brady was host of the new "Lets Make A Deal" before Steve Harvey became host of "Family Fued".

Who will host family feud after john o'hurley?

Steve Harvey.

Is family feud still on?

Yes. Steve Harvey is the host (as of 04/2014)

What time does the new 'Family Feud' air with Steve Harvey as host in Newark New Jersey?

What channel and time does the family feud air est., with Steve Harvey.

Who was the first host on family fued?

Richard dawnson

How much does Steve Harvey earn for family feud?

Steve Harvey has been the host of Family Feud since September 2010. He makes an estimated $20,000 per episode of the game show.

Who is the Host of family fued game show?

Richard Dawson

Who is the host of Family fued now?

Richard Dawson (1976-85, 1994-95)Ray Combs (1988-94)Louie Anderson (1999-2002)Richard Karn (2002-06)John O'Hurley (2006-10)Steve Harvey (2010-present)

Who has hosted family feud?

Richard Dawson was the first host from 1976 to 1985. The show was cancelled until 1988 which then was hosted by Ray Combs until 1994 when Dawson was brought back to try and help the ratings. After a 4 year hiatus the show returned and had Louie Anderson host. In 2002 Richard Karn took over the hosting duties. John O'Hurley was asked to host in 2006. Lastly it was announced in January 2010 that Steve Harvey will be the newest host for the 2010-2011 season

How long has Steve Harvey hosted the Family Feud?

about 2-3 years there is a new host now

What is Steve Harvey's occupation?

Steve Harvey is a/an Television presenter,comedian,actor,broadcaster,author,game show host,businessman

What is Steve Harvey's salary on family feud?

Yes he became the new host in 2010 see related link