Is Starmie or Lapras better in Pokemon Red Version?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes but there weak against grass pokemon

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Q: Is Starmie or Lapras better in Pokemon Red Version?
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Should someone trade a starmie for a lapras?

No Starmie is a very strong Pokemon while lapras isn't try asking for something better like a Kadabra.

Which is better poliwhirl or lapras in Pokemon soul silver?


Which is better on Pokemon Yellow lapras or Blastoise?

Lapras is better cause it doubles as an ice type and can learn sheer cold

What Pokemon is better for surfing staryu or Gyarados?

Evolve the Staryu into Starmie and that Pokemon would be better. If you just want a Pokemon to use for surfing then either will work, but both Starmie and Gyarados work well in a team as well.

Which one is better politoad or lapras?

lapras i thinklapras

Is Pokemon diamond version better than pearl version?

it's your opinion

Which one is better Pokemon black version 2 or Pokemon white version 2?

white is better because it has two types that are weak againest each so it can defeat more pokemon

How to get a slow bro in Pokemon FireRed?

Get Leaf Green. He's in the Ice Caves. Lapras is better as a water/ice Pokemon. So is Gyrados if you give him the right moves in conjunction with his nature.

What are opinions about whether Buizel or Lapras are better Pokemon?

Lapras is much better than buizel Lapras is about equal to its evolution Floatzel though with fairly similar base stats and a fairly balanced movepool Floatzel has less weaknesses while the ice type that is part of Laprases repertoire is a amazing benefit it will also learn the TM Thunderbolt which gives it a leg up on other water types i would go with Lapras because of the balancing used that can very easily maul down most Pokemon buizel would stand no chance

What Pokemon ds game is better Pokemon White or black?

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version are the same game, except for the pokemon that are available to catch and for certain areas.

Why is there no remix for Pokemon Blue version?

they wanted better graphics

How do you catch Tynamo in Pokemon black version?

i hate Pokemon halo is better so get an xbox