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No, it is not.

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Q: Is Star Wars Battlefront 1 on Nintendo Wii?
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Is Star Wars battlefront on Wii?

No and there is no plan to do it

Is star wars battlefront 2 on Nintendo wii?

as far as i know its only for ps2 computer psp and mabe xbox

Is there going to be a Star Wars battlefront 1 for wii?

No, unfortunately the makers of the game (Lucasarts) won't make it for wii. but I don't think Star Wars battlefront was released around the time the Wii was.

Are there any star wars battlefront games for the Wii system?


Is there any Star Wars Battlefront games for wii?

No, not that I know of yet.

Can you buy Star Wars Battlefront for the Wii?

No,it might come out in the future.

Can Star Wars Battlefront II be in Wii format?

I don't believe so.

Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 wii coming out in 2011?

Well battlefront 3 has never been on a Nintendo platform and there even being a battlefront 3 at all is still in question. because battlefront 3 has changed developers several times now it may or may not come out... anyways the likely hood of it coming to wii is slim.

Will Star Wars Battlefront II be out for wii?

no, it is only out for xbox, psp, ps2, PC and mac

Is there a Star Wars battlefront for Wii?

There will NEVER be a battlefront ii foe wii cause it came out in '05 while wii came out in like '08 or '09 so...

Can you play Star Wars battle front 3 on the Wii?

No you can't. Mainly because there is no battlefront 3.

Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 renegade squadron and elite squadron for the wii?

No. Those games were released long before the Wii was released