Is Roblox A Robot

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No Roblox Is Not A Robot It is An Online Game That You Can Get Castles Cars Robots And Loads more it Is Very Simular To LEGO.

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Β real life is Very Good Something is And You Need Get Babys And Next You Be Dead :C

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Q: Is Roblox A Robot
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How did roblox get its name?

According to an early interview with Telamon that was posted on the blog, Roblox got its name by combining 'robots' and 'blocks' Thats Why they get the name roblox

How do you hack roblox game?

There are no such things as hacks on roblox, Once in a while Exploits come up by professional hackers. But that is near impossible.

What happens if you hack roblox?

If you hack roblox you will be violating their terms of service. Hacking if likely to result in a permanent ban. If you continue to make accounts and hack you will likely have your IP address banned so no one will be able to play Roblox or make accounts on that computer.

Roblox or Fortnite?

Hi it me again i think Roblox is better has its a friendly fun game :3 but for this game "Fortnite" It has killing in the game itself so i don't think it would be a good game for everyone

Which roblox admin commands are better BCGames Admin Commands Kohls admin commands or Person299s Admin commands?

Majority of users will agree that the best robot admin commands to use are the Person299 Admin commands. The reason is Person299 admin commands have the most to utilize in roblox.

what is roblox's username?

It's literally Roblox.

What is roblox's username?


Why is roblox called roblox?

'Blox' is pronounced "blocks", and refers to the block style of the game. 'Ro" as in Robots because your character is a robot or it has been attached to the beginning for style and uniqueness, otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a name.

What is the first player in roblox?

right its roblox

If a robot did the robot would it be the robot or just dancing?

It would be a Robot , dancing!!!

What are the parts of robot?

*robot sensor* robot arm*robot motor* metal

If a robot does the robot would it still be called the robot or would it just be dancing?

"/ it would be the robot because the robot IS DOING THE ROBOT the answer is in the question lol your dumb