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right its Roblox

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Just Mr.Jensen lol

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and i think, the second was.. builder man.. still not sure..
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It's either ROBLOX, Builderman, or John Doe. I think John Doe is the second.
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Peti Traistaru

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Q: What is the first player in roblox?
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What is the name of the first roblox player?

John Doe

Which was the first account on Roblox?

Contrary to popular belief, Builderman or ROBLOX, are not the first accounts on Roblox. However, Player Admin(User ID#1) was the first account on Roblox and is believed to be have been deleted and replaced by ROBLOX."Back then we had 0 players. When a player logged in, the whole office would stop working to get in game to make sure (s)he had someone to play with."

Who was Roblox first friend?

Roblox's first friend is bigbluesnow10. If you want to find out someones first friend in the future, then go to the friends section. The player at the top left of the section is the player's first friend.

Who was the 1st player on roblox?

It was Roblox, once he created the game, He made his account which means he was the first person to enter Roblox. Sometime Later, Builderman was the first random person to join which then started working with Roblox.

Who was the first user on roblox?

The first three users on Roblox, is "ROBLOX," "John Doe,"and "Jane Doe." The first player user that isn't permanently banned as of now is "qa."

Who is the richest player on Roblox?


Who was the first person on roblox?

ROBLOX was. ROBLOX was the first person, so go to a place that lets you say user codes to change into them, so you can type in 1 to see if im lying.

Who is wildman24 on roblox?

He appears to be just your average Roblox player.

Who is the creator of ROBLOX's first friend?

foreverforgotten is the first person to get an acount and befriend the maker of roblox

What is pm on roblox?

'PM' on Roblox stands for Private Message, which enables a player to send messages to another player on Roblox.

Who is jessecooldogcat?

A roblox player

What year was roblox created?

Roblox was created by David Baszucki (also known as "builderman") back in 2005. It was first released to the public, in 2006. The first player registered is the mysterious "John Doe."